Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Everyone loves a good comeback story...

You can call it a comeback 
I was warned.  As Bekah and I began to circulate the news that we were planning to open a running store of our own, friends in the running industry told me the funny part about owning a store is you’ll never run less in your life.  They happened to be right. 

Bekah and I opened Mill City in the first week of July 2013.  My last truly competitive effort was a fast 8k in Chicago sometime in April 2013.  So despite making the business of running our livelihood, our personal running goals were largely put on hold. 

That was until October. 

A combination of envy and excitement that brought me back from my self-imposed competitive exile.  I spent most of the last two years cheering on races from the sidelines.  I watched Get in Gear 10k and TC 10 Mile, two of my favorite races, from the comfort of my Levi’s.  I loved the opportunity to see the entire MCR team as they would run by, but I wasn’t able to share in the post-race excitement with the same fervor as those who had competed. 

My turning point was a low key, non-timed, and somewhat ‘underground’ trail race in October.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was the necessary elixir that broke me out of my funk.  In hindsight, the race was a way to be competitive without worrying about mile splits, racing tactics, or bag drop.  It was hilly, it was loosely organized and it was perfect.  The race ended up being an opportunity to see how hard I could push myself off of little consistent training and no usable knowledge of trail running.  Turns out I can still crank a little when it’s called for.

                            Codswallop '14 - Previously unseen photos of Bigfoot

Since October I’ve strung together 18 solid weeks of base mileage.  I’ve put up 60-80 miles per week for the last 4 months and I’m (mostly) having fun doing it.  As they say, winter miles bring spring smiles.

I would like to thank the following for keeping me going during this resurgence: Lemon Lime Nuun, the Hoka Clifton, Bekah, and my CorrectToes.  This is in no particular order.



  1. Welcome back!!! Winter definitely brings smiles.

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