Friday, November 28, 2014

Mill City Running's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

If you have a runner in your life, then you know how difficult it can be to track them down - especially around the holidays ("Just one more mile for an extra eggnog!").  In fact, the only thing harder to find than your runner during Thanksgiving dinner dish-duty is the perfect holiday gift - one that lets them know you love them despite their crazy. This year, utilize your runner’s getaway spots – and our handy gift-guide - to let the best gifts find you.

Your runner's been spotted: 

Circling Harriet (and Calhoun … and Isles): Run the Lakes tee ($28)
Got a pal who can’t start the weekend without her coffee, newspaper and spin around their lake du’jour?  Runners who trace the paths of this iconic running route will adore this iconic tribute to the famous Chain Of Lakes, designed by MCR staff member Jillian Tholen.

Just barely ... in the dark:  Nathan Light Spur ($20)
When you can’t find your spouse during marathon-training season it can be annoying.  When drivers can’t find them, it’s downright dangerous. This light spur saves the hassle of having to think about visibility every single early-morning or evening run – it simply (and weightlessly) attaches to a shoe and stays put until spring!

At Flapjack Friday: Mill City Pom Hat ($25)
If your runner’s a regular at this weekly run-slash-pancake fest, they likely already sport one of the most ubiquitous emblems of the Twin Cities’ winter running scene - a Mill City Pom Hat.  No matter! There are six colors schemes, and you can bet they’ve had their eye on a backup. And if your runner hasn’t been to Flapjack Friday slip the weekly run schedule into their stocking and give them the best gift of all - free flapjacks.

With the November Project: Shwings ($8)
The November Project hosts weekly workouts that are fun, free & colorful.  If there’s a free spirit in your life who runs hard but plays harder – with an occasional pause to Instagram it all – Shwings sneaker bling shows the world that not much in life is too serious for a smile.  

Racing for a cause: Mile in My Shoes run shirt ($40)
Does your runner use their passion to end world hunger, fight disease or help the needy realize their own passions? Then they’ll have twice the reason to love this Nike dry-fit top emblazoned with the logo of Mile in My Shoes, an organization that meets twice a week to get men residing at a downtown homeless shelter up and running – literally. For every shirt purchased a member of the team receives new running gear and the chance to take steps towards a better life. Now that’s a gift that not only feels great to wear, it feels great to give.  

Within sight of home: Believe I Am training journal ($19)
If you’ve got someone in your life who’s new to running they may not be so hard to spot just yet. But all of those circles around the block do add up, so show your support of their healthy commitment with the Believe I Am journal. Equal parts coach, training log, and personal journal this book helps runners track their progress on good days and their frustrated musings on days they may Believe I Am About To Quit.  In a year they’ll have 365 lessons & achievements to look back on – and you to thank for it.  

In your twitter feed: Oiselle Fly Necklace ($48-69) 

Have a gal pal who logs impressive mileage running through your timeline? Then she's likely already a follower of social-media savvy (and female-friendly) brand Oiselle. Gift her something shiny with this gold necklace showcasing the flock's signature wing & tagline and your feed will soon be filled with her #flystyle. 

On the couch: Mill City Running Sweats ($45) 
There is really no better way to celebrate a long run than with a loooong nap. And it’s common knowledge that sweats are the only acceptable attire for a real nap. MCR sweats are so freaking soft that it’s been said that 9 of 10 marathoners visualize them to push through the final miles of training runs. Give your runners the ultimate gift: A nap.