Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring '15 Virtual Fashion Show

Missed this spring's fashion show? Don't get your bun-huggers in a bunch! Scroll through our virtual runway show & get the 411 on the hottest looks for warmer weather.

Rainy Day Woman modeled by CINDY

Please welcome Cindy ... and Cindy’s awesome pants! Sure the Nike Epic Lux Eternity Pant will keep Cindy warm & visible in inclement weather, but the real clincher here is their softness. There are just no words to describe the feel of these run pants, but she’ll be sticking around after the show so if you’re real nice she may let you touch them.  Up top Cindy sports Nike’s Packable Impossibly Light jacket which she’s layered over the uber-supportive Rebound Racer Bra by Moving Comfort, and Mizuno’s Tamyu Tank in Lake Blue.  “Tamyu” means excellent jewel in Japanese, and I think we can say the same for Cindy tonight! Finally, Cindy’s Nike Air Pegasus Flash kicks made with weather-resistant fabrics & reflective elements make Cindy shine even brighter.  
Rainy Day Man modeled by MJ

Mike understands that real men wear tights, so in nasty spring weather he chooses the Nike Dri-Fit Essential Tight to keep his legs warm & dry oh so svelte!  To keep his chest hair dry Mike wears the Impossibly Light jacket - the front pocket keeps those dollar dollar bills dry while on a blustery run then stores the entire jacket when the sky clears up. When the drops are really pouring down Mike wears a Nike graphic-print hat so he can see where he’s going and a Nathan strobe light so cars can see where he’s going!  Finally, Mike’s Asics DS Trainer lightweight stability shoes really don’t help much in the rain, but how cute are they with his outfit!?!?!

You may have heard of the ‘rules of the road’, tonight we present ‘RULES of the TRAIL’.
Trail Woman modeled by SARA
Rule #1 on the trail, look good!  With that in mind, Sara wears the Asics Fit-Sana Graphic Tee with cutout back in hyper peach. Her Asics PR crop tight not only look fresh but keep Sara’s legs protected as she flies through the brush and bramble. Any hard core trail runner knows Rule #2, that being that a bottle in the hand is worth two in the bush.  With that in mind, Sara sports the Nathan Speed-draw plus which provides 16oz of liquid courage along with a reflective call outs and a pocket large enough for your smart phone and the epic selfies you’re bound to take on the Superior Hiking Trail. Sara tops it off with her Prana headband, pairing fashion with a lightweight tech fiber sweat soaking headband. For the undulating and rocky trails she’s bound to cross Sara only trusts the ultra aggressive outsole and cushion of the Salomon Speedcross. Finally, Sara never races without her Oiselle Fly Necklace for good luck!
Trail Man (GRRR) modeled by GARY
There is no one fussier than a trail bro. With that in mind we present Rule #3: It better be comfortable! We start from the bottom up with this mountain man: Gary sports his favorite low profile trail shoe, the lightweight Saucony Peregrine 5.  With it’s 4mm offset, split rock plate, and opposing heel/forefoot lugs, Gary feels as secure in his shoes as he does in his manhood (ba-doom-ching!). Moving on up, CEP compression sleeves bring a pop of color to those dusty trails and drab forrests. Gary's ASICS short offers the support needed at mile 72 of Superior 100.  A 7-inch split provides a touch of modesty in an otherwise colorful package! Onto Rule #4, NOTHING IN MODERATION! Sometimes 16 ounces just won’t cut it. Gary is notorious for his man sized thirst. To keep him hydrated - on the trail or on the town - Gary wears the Nathan Grit Hydration Pack which holds a whopping 2 liters of liquid. Gary tops it off -literally - with the Long-sleeved crew in Air Force Blue by Asics, with a soft breathable fabric that says “catch me if you can”! Finally, Gary goes ‘all night long’ with the The Petzl Tikka headlamp. Providing 80 lumens of light and multiple brightness settings, this is truly a beacon in the darkness.

Training Day Man modeled by JEREMY
Jeremy is starting off his long run look with a Nike Miler Short-Sleeved Shirt, screen printed with the name of his favorite place on earth! He's also wearing the Nike 2-in-1 short –while they look chill enough for the beach these bad boys provide miles of sweat-wicking support, with a surprise inside - boxer brief liner offers support & a chafe-free ride. For those warm spring days Jeremy carries a Nathan Mercury 3 Hydration Belt - with not one, not two, but THREE 10oz flasks to really go the distance ... plus a pocket for goodies! Jeremy refuses to go more than a few miles without an iphone filled with his favorite podcast, Minneapolis Running, so he uses a Sonic Mount arm band & Yur Buds slip-free headphones for hours of listening pleasure.  On his feet Jeremy is wearing his favorite long-distance brand Hoka (holler!), with maximum cushioning to soften each step of the way. Finally, Jeremy’s Nike Racer Sunglasses complete his fashionable AND functional look.

Training Day Woman modeled by ADELHEID
Adelheid warms up for her big run wearing Nike’s Neon Fleck Lightweight Fleece Epic, cozy but lightweight with a back pocket for functionality and tapered sleeves for cuteness.  After a few miles - when she’s ready to really rock - she can throw that top to her adoring fans and feel the cool breeze in the Wazelle Halter by Oiselle, a fun twist on the classic run tank.  Peeking out is Oiselle’s Go Time Bra, which has a zippered back pocket - because how many times have you exclaimed "Why doesn’t my bra have any pockets!?!?" Dressing those long (distance) legs of Adelheid’s is Oiselle's Meter Tight in the color of Money, boasting three large pockets in the waistband for stashing gels, chews, or glazed donuts.  Adelheid sports the Saucony Triumphs, a high-cushioned neutral shoe offering tons of comfort & protection over many miles.  Finally, Adelheid tracks all those miles with a Garmin 220, which will wirelessly connect to her smartphone so she can easily watch her progress as she ramps up her training. Thank you Adelheid!
Athleisure Man modeled by WILL

Will rhymes with chill, and that’s what he’s doing tonight in this ensemble. Up top Will’s rocking the Nike Element Half-zip  - it’s soft like suede, with underarm dri-fit gussets for ventilation if he decides to pick up the pace. Peeking out from underneath is the Nike Tailwind Striped Crew - feels like a vintage tee, wicks like a race-day tech shirt, looks like innocence. Will’s legs are cloaked in  easy-breezy Nike track pants, breathable enough for a workout OR a cookout.  Even Will’s toes are maxin’ & relaxin’ in our newest Altra addition, the Provision - same wide toebox we love but with a touch of stability for all those over-pronators in the hizz-ouse!  

Athleisure Woman modeled by ALLISON
Running is Allison’s #1 activity, but sometimes she likes to borrow random dogs like Lucy & go for walks.  Whether she’s running or walking Allison always uses a Stunt Puppy leash for hands-free fun.  But back to the fashion. Allison’s wearing the Oiselle Flyte 2000 Crew in Money & doesn’t she look like a million bucks? This cap sleeve number has seamless construction for super softness but sharp geometric lines literally wrap you in wicking.  Allison strutting her stuff in Nike jogger pants that look good enough for every day wear but are made with ventilated dri-fit material that will keep you roomy & cool on your runs if you’re not into 24/7 spandex. Just as comfy & cool as the rest of her are Allison’s Adidas Glide Boosts made with stretchy, sock-like uppers & their signature high-cushion boost midsole for intense comfort while running and intense cuteness for livin'.  

Race Day Woman modeled by FREYA

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the unveiling of the 2015 Mill City Race Team uniforms!  Let’s hear it for FREYA in the women's MCR Race Team Singlet – the Strider Tank from Saucony - which has a long, fitted silhouette with an eye-catching strappy racer back design. Layer this lightweight tank over you favorite sports bra for a workout or race day. In the mix for that bra should be the Nike Compression Bra in Volt. Long a staple of the ladies - no matter the bust size - this bra keeps you supported without fear of chafe! The Nike 4” Rival short in orange combines coverage with mobility, with a wide waistband for comfort & zippered back pocket for your race-day gels. Sweat-wicking support from mile 1 til done! Oiselle' Herringbone arm warmers in “pop” - known to men as ‘orange’ - keep Freya’s wings toasty on those early spring races.The Asics DS Trainer 20 is a cult favorite of Marathoners who love the perfect blend of moderate stability and lightweight cushion. Freya's Garmin 620 is the must-have watch for the spring.  With distance, pace, cadence, ground time and and Heart Rate Monitor, this GPS unit is a coach & scientist in one.

Race Day Man modeled by JACK
As Jack sets out for his pre-race warm up, he only trusts the Mizuno Kato Shell. This jacket not only repels the chilly spring rain but it’s impossibly light and packs back into itself. Slung over his shoulder is the locally-printed and American-made MCR duffel. You’ll find Jack using it pre-race for stuffing in his sweats, and post-race for hauling home his trophies!
Now for the big reveal ... the men's MCR Race Team Singlet!  This Hydralite singlet from Saucony is - like Jack - fueled by Fulton Brewery.  Saucony’s lightest-weight singlet is equally comfortable on trail or on the track.The uniform top pairs perfectly with the Mizuno 1.5 inch“Outlaw” Short – a handy zippered pocket and split leg pattern for full movement is exactly what this man looks for on race day. Jack's race-day shoe-of-choice is the Mizuno Wave Sayonara.  A neutral shoe with Mizuno’s famous lightweight and responsive ride.  Doron Clark’s marathon racing flat of choice! Finally, Jack's Garmin 10, provides the pace and distance when Jack needs to be sure he’s hitting the splits on his way to a new PR!

A big thanks to all our divas models who strutted their stuff on the catwalk & brought us dreams -if not temps - of spring!